Black Stallion ~ Snippet

Hello, guys. I just wanted to update on my progress on my new song I’m writing ‘Black Stallion’. I just want to talk about my inspiration for this part of the song. I love classic country music so I wanted to capture a sense of narration that feels old, western. But trying to capture a message that still connects to the modern era.

The first part of the song was about an outcast looking for his horse and was asking help from a stranger but he had this tone on him that he knew something about his horse but didn’t want to tell him because he was a foreigner in these parts of their land because he had no cowboy hat on or even cowboy boots on, an outlaw.

This part of the song about remember the stranger the foreigner was looking for his horse but finally, he found his ‘Black Stallion’ so together their ride on across the hillside and fighting off evil. But sadly the folk wanted him gone so the townsfolk shoot the poor fella and his horse.

And this final part of the narration is that when the townsfolk rejected the outcast and his horse. They sadly died by the gun shoots and passed away but there still rode together and had a huge welcoming into gods land basically got accept into heaven.

I hope you enjoyed the narration I would love know what you think about it and many thanks for taking the time to read and listen to my creativity. Until next time I need to create the album cover!

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Black Stallion ~ Snippet

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