Throwback ~ ‘Drowning’

Hello, guys just a quick update just to tell you that I tried to sing my original song ‘Drowning’ again I don’t know why I went back to this song but I just wanted to try if I could personally improve on it and see my improvements within my voice and style. So here is the original.

Mind you these are only just a rough snippet parts are posted on my Instagram. I hope you enjoy. It’s a personal song very dark narrative my main goal was to sing it like classic country! mainly my inspiration like a folk sounding.

Part 1 “Verse One”


Part 2 “Verse Two”


Part 3 “Chorus” 


Part 4 “Bridge and end of song”


I do wish one day I could get these recordings professionally made but for the time being, I truly enjoyed going back to this song. I might try it with ‘Out In The Wild’  I currently writing my new song called “Black Stallion” I might pose some lyrics up pretty soon and some snippets on my Instagram.


Throwback ~ ‘Drowning’

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