Inspiration’s rec #3


First I want to say that I have an TumblrThis is just an update on my next song. It was supposed to be “Devil’s Reality” but I just love this song I have written since after “Out In The Wild”  it’s called “Jenkins, Drowning” but for this post on my blog, it just picture rec’s because I wanted you guys to feel the mood without words feeling what kind of atmosphere I want to show, and tell the story which I want to achieve.






For the song I want to have a dark atmosphere of being an alcoholic that he is drowning his pain away and it’s set in a dark country moors, the day is also is set on Christmas day. I wanted a feeling of lonesome, coldness and afraid of the journey he is taking. So I think that these photo compliments on the style I’m going for



I adore the fog. It feels cold and freezing to capture the silent but howling in pain, inside of him. The colouring really suits the dark feeling I’m trying to connect with an inspiration audience and tell a story with strong emotions.



I think that this photo really suits the theme I want. He drinks all day, but he is alone, he is alone because of his troublesome way to drink so he is wondering around, stumbling and searching for somewhere to lie.



This photo I felt an uplifting mood a silence, an echo and the place you want to go and enjoy memories with no pain no worries a somewhat a heavily place?



Inspiration’s rec #3

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