Inspiration’s rec #2

Hello guys. I have polished and wrote my first song I really do hope you like it. It’s now the time to write a new song but first this post is just inspiration of mine just to get me started. I’m pretty certain what I’m going to write about it’s about being free of this world getting into the wilderness just to escape from existence and to be free of concerns, anxieties and worries.


 The Great Lake Swimmers;

The knife

The Great Exhale

New Wild Everywhere

For my inspiration it’s a really unique folk band named “The Great Lake Swimmers” there have just simple voices like a speaking tones which is really unique because it seems there are reading out their song and it feels like a poem kind of style of folk. And the atmosphere of the creativity is very inspiring within the lyrics and the meanings are good to connect with. The new wild everywhere is my main inspiration I just love the tones.


Inspiration’s rec #2

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