Inspiration’s rec #1

I just want to say something before I plan to post my first recording. That I did this song way before I started a blog so please forgive me if it feels rushed. But! I am still going to explain my steps. I have to write in past tense because this song is my first recorded song even though it doesn’t sound studio. When I wanted to write a song I collect and listen to loads of inspirations of mine to get some vibes of my song writing. Also I listen to their mood of the song what kind of story they’re getting across. But I already know what kind of music I what to achieve country because of telling that specific story, folk because of the personal interest of mine

rRay Lamontagne ~ Jolene

I have chosen this song because of the soulfulness which really connects well within his storytelling. This song is very dark, broken and scratchy which I love to the extreme that is my main inspirations of my song writing, to feel something about the character I’ve sung about with no hope just destruction never a happy ending, which really connects to life because I think life is dark and moody. I also love the fact he play this song with simple chords because you don’t really need to play the guitar like a pro to connect with your song. Just three or more simple chords, will do.  Also the title of the song is epic the character’s name which is very inspirational to me.


Dolly Parton ~ Jolene

I have to admit I didn’t get inspired by her lyrics even though it’s an awesome song. I got inspired the way she wrote the song and the way she played it on her guitar, again just simple chords Am, C, G and Em, I think she did a fantastic job of setting the mood. Again I also love the fact her song title was a name singing about someone like a narrator feel setting the story straight. The country vibe on this song is also inspiring to me and I love the 1960’s vibe or even 70’s country music, the country music changed in our days, which is pretty sad.


Johnny Cash 

Personally there is no specific song that inspired me with my own writing but! this artist always inspires me every song he wrote. The whole American IV: The Man Come Around album inspires me even though their all covers I think the album is distinctive and very captivating to real, dark, gloomy and inspirations strokes about life being Gothic but In an Old classic country vibe. And also he is another artist that just uses only simple chords just to CAPTURE the realness.


Inspiration’s rec #1

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